About BMML

  • BMML was set up by the original developer to maintain the estate.
  • The boundary to our estate starts at the entrance on the Fairyhouse Road but excludes the apartments, etc. in the development known as Mill View.
  • There are 151 houses in the estate, numbered 1 to 150 and 20A.
  • Our Constitution is HERE


  • All of the original directors were appointed by the developer, none of whom have any current connection with BMML.
  • The owners fought long and hard to take control of the company and succeeded in doing so on 7th March 2002.
  • Since 7th March 2002, all of the directors are house owners from The Old Mill estate.
  • All of the owner/directors are elected at the AGM.
  • All of the owner/directors time is on a voluntary basis. If the company was managed by a professional management company the annual fee would be considerably higher.

Membership and Fees

  • The company is not a profit making company.
  • The financial year is 1st September to 31st August.
  • All home owners are members of BMML - there is no opt out clause.
  • All home owners are legally obliged to pay the annual maintenance fee - there is no opt out clause.
  • The developers charged a once-off fee of €254 (£200 as it was originally) and never maintained the estate.
  • The developer/directors handed over a net balance of €2,163 on the 7th March 2002.
  • The Directors decide what the annual fee should be and have, although not required to do so, sought approval at several AGMs.
  • In our first Newsletter (September 2002) we explained why the fee was kept at €254 ie. to cover the annual maintenance charge and to build up reserves to cover tree planting, signs and other improvements. We said that we would hope to reduce the fees as the estate matured. This we have done for those who have paid on time and kept their account upto date.
  • In our second Newsletter (September 2003) we added that we wanted to put the company on a sound footing (legally, financially, etc.). To this end, we engaged a number of professional companies to assist us in several areas – accountancy, auditing, legal, town planning, landscaping, etc.
  • Substantial discounts have been given to owners over time from a discount of €34 in 2003 to a discount of €175 in 2012 (subject to having your account fully paid up by the date outlined on the invoice).
  • On legal and accountancy advice and in line with best practice, we now issue invoices in advance of the financial year. We made this change in 2006 by issuing two invoices in that year.
  • Fees cover the maintenance of the estate as listed below under Maintenance / Improvements
  • Fees also cover the improvement of the estate as listed below under Maintenance / Improvements
  • In addition, the fees cover:
    • General administration costs such as phone, paper, postage, etc.
    • Accountancy fees
    • Auditing fees
    • Legal fees
  • Fees do not cover any form of remuneration to the owner/directors for their considerable time in dealing with correspondence, email, phone calls, meetings, grant applications, general administration, etc.
  • The fees do not include the maintenance of front gardens and it is our view that our members would not accept a three or four fold increase in fees to carry out such maintenance nor would members agree to the removal of hedges, etc. to allow maintenance equipment on site.
  • Every house in the estate is charged the same fee.
  • Each owner entered into a legally binding agreement as part of the purchase of their property, and they are liable to pay.
  • The debt lies with the house and is passed from owner to owner.
  • If residents do not pay, then BMML is entitled to seek compound interest on a monthly basis in addition to the invoice amount and all legal fees including court charges. This could amount to a charge against the property, which would have to be cleared before the sale of the property could be completed


  • All common green areas in the estate from the entrance on the Fairyhouse Road (but excluding the apartments, etc. in the development known as Mill View) are maintained by BMML. For esthetic purposes we do try to maintain the grass verge nearest to our entrance on the Fairyhouse Road.
  • The developer/directors did not carry out any maintenance of the estate.
  • Prior to March 2002 the owners did succeed in extracting some contribution from the developer/directors towards the maintenance which was carried out by the Residents Association.
  • Maintenance of the estate is as per an agreed schedule and includes:
    • Grass cutting and edging
    • Spraying and cutting of weeds along walls, parking bays, around trees and shrubs and roadside kerbs.
    • Staking and replacing tree supports
    • Pruning of shrubs
    • Cleaning of roads and picking up litter
    • Removal of graffiti
    • etc..
  • Improvements to the estate include:
    • Estate name signs
    • Road number and children at play signs
    • Road markings
    • The planting of several hundred trees and almost 1000 shrubs over the last few years
    • Improvements to the footpaths in several areas
    • Future improvements
  • Maintenance of front gardens is not included in the schedule of work for the reasons specified in Fees above.
  • If you are maintaining a common area and no longer wish to so or if any common area has been missed in the maintenance schedule, please contact us and, if possible, provide a drawing of the area concerned to clearly identify it.
  • All parts of the estate were and are treated on an equal basis regarding maintenance and improvements.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • All owners are given advance notice of each AGM
  • The yearly accounts are audited and passed by home owner/members at each AGM.
  • One third of directors resign at each AGM but can stand again for re-election at that AGM
  • All home owners can attend each AGM and contribute to the discussions.
  • Although all home owners can attend the AGM, only owners whose accounts are up to date can vote or be a director.

Keeping You Informed

  • In July 2012, this website was launched. It is the main route of general correspondence.
  • BMML occasionally distributes a newsletter, which also keeps the owners up to date on all issues relating to the estate.

Utilities & Meath County Council

  • On 6th February 2012 Meath County Council (MCC) took the estate in charge. The key impact of this development was the change of ownership and responsibility for repair and maintenance of various aspects of the estate as outlined in on the Responsibilities page.
  • Note that, as the utilities are mainly laid parallel to the roads mainly in gardens (first 2 metres) and parking bays, the utility companies are not obliged to replace damaged trees, shrubs, other plants, walls, fences, etc. which may be removed to access those utilities. They will replace grass and cobblelock.

And finally... permanent Walls and Fences to the front of houses

  • The position is very clear – they are not allowed.