Monday, 1 June 2015

Anti Litter Initiative 2015

Thanks to our volunteer Director Siobhán and Paul and his team in The Garden Maintenance Company for all their hard work which resulted in The Old Mill achieving an outstanding score of 96 out of 100 in Meath County Council's 2015 Anti Litter Initiative.

Meath County Council Press Release:

Meath County Council wishes to acknowledge the huge effort made by our voluntary and community groups as they participated in our 2015 Anti-Litter Initiative. Despite some very inclement weather, volunteers have been out in force across the county carrying out an “Outdoor Spring-Clean”.

Our towns, villages, housing estates, walkways, etc. have all benefited from this “Spring Clean” and we are indebted to those volunteers who continue in their efforts to improve and enhance their local communities.

The second round of marks are shown in spreadsheet below and also the aggregate score over the two rounds of judging. Groups who have an average mark of more than 96 over the 2 rounds of judging will receive a grant of €150. Those who have marks between 91 and 95 will receive a grant of €125.

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