Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Check Your Letterbox

The latest edition of the BMML newsletter hit your letterbox this evening. Many thanks to Matt and Ella, our delivery team - turns out it takes a lot longer than you'd expect to visit every house in The Old Mill!

If you'd rather receive your newsletter by email in future, don't forget to place your vote (opposite). If we get enough interest, we'll arrange to get everyone's email address and save a few trees (and save your money).

Monday, 13 August 2012

Junction with Fairyhouse Road

As traffic on the Fairyhouse Road has increased over the years, it has become more difficult (and potentially more dangerous) for motorists exiting the Old Mill - particularly since visibility of oncoming traffic from Fairyhouse direction hasn't been great.

We expressed these concerns with Meath County Council and we're pleased to report that they have worked with the owner of the house located on the junction to remove part of a hedge thereby providing much improved visibility of oncoming traffic.