Saturday, 28 July 2012

2012 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 23rd April 2012

Directors and Vacancies

Mr. J. Carroll (No. 30)
Mr. T. Collins (No. 35)
Mr. B. Fagan (No. 110)
Mr. S. Mitchell (No. 91)
Mr. D. Sheppard (No. 39)
Ms. D. Quirke (No. 141)
Mr. E. Wilson (No. 41)
There are currently 3 vacancies

Our Accountant

Our accountant, Ken Chapman of Chapman & Associates (3 Jamestown Park, Ratoath) attended the AGM and explained the accounts.

Our Auditors

MHOS & Co. were appointed as auditors for the coming year.

Houses in Debt

The number of houses in debt has dropped considerably over the last few years from 81 in March 2006 to 12 in June 2012 (the same number as in June 2011).

The breakdown is as follows:
  • 2 Court Orders with the Land Registry, which means that the house cannot be sold until debt is cleared. Their credit rating is affected. 
  • 5 in the hands of our solicitor (court appearance pending). 
  • 5 with debt outstanding for two years which we are chasing. 


We would like to thank all owners who have kept their accounts up to date.

We will be issuing this year’s invoice in August for the year 1st Sep 2012 to 31st Aug 2013.

The actual costs of maintaining the estate are €160 per house per year excluding the cost of unscheduled repairs, improvements, etc. While it does reduce our reserves, we are conscious of financial demands on households so will again we will be offering a substantial discount to those who pay before 31st Oct 2012 and whose account is up to date.

The base rate is €275 and the discounted rate is €100.

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